bonesbrigade (bonesbrigade) wrote,

"youll cry at least once while your with them"

my new years was un eventful. I fell asleep. i worked 53 hours last week so i was a bit tired. I fell asleep at eileens. last years new years made up for the fact that i did nothing this year. I leave tommorow morning with striking distance. aaron kakos and dennis have scared me to death about the road with them. lets hope i dont cry.

Striking Distance - Desperate Measures - Far From Breaking West Coast Tour

1/3/03 - Ojai, CA @ Ojai Women's Center w/ Desperate Measures, Diehard Youth & Far from Breaking

1/4/03 - Berkley, CA @ Gilman St. w/ Desperate Measures, Diehard Youth, Far from Breaking & Damage Done

1/5/03 - Seattle, WA @ the Vera Project (4th and Virginia) w/ Tear it Up, Desperate Measures, Diehard Youth, Far from breaking

1/6/02 Eugene, OR @ The Corral (2101 Bailey Hill Rd, Ste. G) w/ Desperate Measures, DY, FFB, The Physical Challenge Starts @ 7pm

1/7/02 San Jose, CA @ Luna Muffler Shop! (1623 S 10th St) w/ Desperate Measures, Diehard Youth, Far From Breaking & Allegiance

1/8/03 - Los Angeles, CA @ Headline records w/ Desperate Measures, far from Breaking & more ($3 donation show)

1/9/03 - Aneheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/ Over My Dead Body, In Control, Holding On, Diehard Youth, & Desperate Measures

1/10/03 - San Diego, CA @ Che Café w/ Over My Dead Body, Desperate Measures, Far from Breaking

1/11/03 - Corona, CA @ Showcase Theatre w/ Tear it Up, Desperate Measures, Annihilation Time, Impact, Knife Fight. Starts @ 2pm and will be over by 6pm (so you can catch the Terror/DT show).
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