bonesbrigade (bonesbrigade) wrote,

ive decided

to take a trip somewhere. any ideas on where I should go? maybe cali maybe vegas.
allison do you have an opinion on this?

I also would like to buy some hair extentions.
actually on second thought Id rather buy the new turbonegro.
Id also like a krispy kreme donut. just one.
last night i saw joseph. that was cool.
we spoke of online communities and "house of 1000 corpses".
last night aaron,kris and I went into kinkos so aaron could get his passport photo and they were listening to the "kids of widney high" cd. it was really odd. hearing it made me want to call up dennis and carrick and go to something to dan chafins house.
im wearing a judge shirt.
im leg itches.
this entry is dumb.

on another note i just wanted to say the "new" worn thin 7" is fucking awesome. it takes me months before I can ever really get into something and i just really really got into. Ive listened to it all day.
fuck yeah.
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