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09:14am 22/03/2004
  It is beautiful that Dawn of the dead knocked the passion of the christ out of the number 1 spot.

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you know what   
02:42am 09/03/2004
  I was wrong.
I dont miss anyone.
I miss the people who keep in touch.
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01:51am 04/07/2003
  sept 9th. new album "the wolf".  
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11:28pm 06/05/2003
  yeah so we have a website now. unfinished but there.


check it.
12:39pm 18/04/2003
  I have a show tonight at the royal lee in arlington.
8pm 8 bux but im sure i can get anyone of my friends who show up in 0 bux.
yeah about that.   
10:50am 16/04/2003
  I need some of those rftc c-lo dice and now.  
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01:31am 10/04/2003
  laura cei wins.
im such a sucker.
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12:44am 10/04/2003
  Tonight I got together with steve hackett and jason hamacher and did drum and band stuff. It sucks when you hang out with real drummers and youre a retard that can barely keep sticks in your hand. Anyways it was rad he helped us plan the tour and im psyched to go.
house of 1000 corpses on friday. I know im not the only LJ member psyched for this.

Id also like to thank teener for adding me to her "allowed to live" list.
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10:49am 19/03/2003
  rftc tonight. dont miss it.  
wow you beat me to it.   
02:00am 18/03/2003
  " yo yo So i want to get a tattoo of mutha kneeling like dis with some timbalinds on wit a blunt behind his ear & pouring a 40."  
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ive decided   
01:39pm 13/03/2003
  to take a trip somewhere. any ideas on where I should go? maybe cali maybe vegas.
allison do you have an opinion on this?

I also would like to buy some hair extentions.
actually on second thought Id rather buy the new turbonegro.
Id also like a krispy kreme donut. just one.
last night i saw joseph. that was cool.
we spoke of online communities and "house of 1000 corpses".
last night aaron,kris and I went into kinkos so aaron could get his passport photo and they were listening to the "kids of widney high" cd. it was really odd. hearing it made me want to call up dennis and carrick and go to something to dan chafins house.
im wearing a judge shirt.
im leg itches.
this entry is dumb.

on another note i just wanted to say the "new" worn thin 7" is fucking awesome. it takes me months before I can ever really get into something and i just really really got into. Ive listened to it all day.
fuck yeah.
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take this job and shove it   
03:24am 12/03/2003
  I ain't working here no more.  
happy birthday to me   
11:20pm 09/03/2003
  tuesday is my shit and im going to be spending it working like a bitch for a worthless company thats laying me off in a week. FTW!  
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aww snap   
09:53pm 03/03/2003
  So I know work 7 days a week. Sundays and mondays are now spent at "honky tonk tattoo" in Fredricksburg. Why only 2 days a week you ask? well its a brand new shop opened by gary clark of jinx proof and mindies chest fame. they really needed someone 2 days a week. So i get paid in cash and with free work. I couldnt ask for a better job then do almost nothing and get paid in cash and tattoos .
please come and visit you fucking assholes.
everything who works there is fucking good. im psyched.
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01:17am 21/02/2003
  fuck snow.

fuck cell phones.

Today someone tried to throw thier phone at me and insted broke thier 400 dollar phone.

either way they lost.

My band will soon have stickers and shirts. were almost like a REAL band now! go figure.

in one month ill see RFTC and turbonegro so life is good.

sunday is will be out of fucking hand!

get it on.
"those arent ska horns"   
09:19pm 15/02/2003
mood: SO exited
who wants to do an RFTC US tour with me??


“The majority of the people want things packaged and consumed. Everyone’s saying how ‘Rock is back! Rock is back!’ It’s like, rock sucks cock! Whose definition of rock is this? It’s not mine!” -speedo on the hives/vines/whitestripes

03.19.03 Wachington, DC USA
Black Cat
03.20.03 NYC, NY USA
Bowery Ballroom 16+
03.21.03 NYC, NY USA
Bowery Ballroom 21+
03.22.03 Cambridge, MA USA
Middle East
03.23.03 Philladelphia, PA USA
03.25.03 Montreal, QUE CAN
Cabaret Music Hall
03.28.03 Columbus, OH USA
Little Brother's
03.30.03 Chicago, IL USA
03.31.03 Lawrance, KS USA
04.11.03 Las Vegas, NV USA
Huntridge Theater
04.12.03 Salt Lake City, UT USA
04.13.03 Boise, ID USA
Big Easy
04.14.03 Spokane, WA USA
Fat Tuesdays
04.18.03 Vancouver, BC CAN
Commodore Ballroom
04.19.03 Seattle, WA USA
04.22.03 San Francisco, CA USA
Great American Music Hall
04.24.03 Los Angeles, CA USA
El Rey Theater
04.25.03 Anaheim, CA USA
Chain Reaction
04.26.03 Anaheim, CA USA
Chain Reaction
05.26.03 San Francisco, CA USA
11:54am 03/02/2003
  "raise your voice in swells find your meanings then use your signs inside to relive and live again. No point in holding back on what you're holding no matter it be shit or it be golden. foundations shift they're still shifting we set up our falls.

Hold on tight to your fears cause that's your hatred and that's your love as well.
Learn to use your all your fears as a fuel as an engine to get you where you need to be.
I must always remember there's no point to surrender"
"youll cry at least once while your with them"   
02:13pm 01/01/2003
  my new years was un eventful. I fell asleep. i worked 53 hours last week so i was a bit tired. I fell asleep at eileens. last years new years made up for the fact that i did nothing this year. I leave tommorow morning with striking distance. aaron kakos and dennis have scared me to death about the road with them. lets hope i dont cry.

Striking Distance - Desperate Measures - Far From Breaking West Coast Tour

1/3/03 - Ojai, CA @ Ojai Women's Center w/ Desperate Measures, Diehard Youth & Far from Breaking

1/4/03 - Berkley, CA @ Gilman St. w/ Desperate Measures, Diehard Youth, Far from Breaking & Damage Done

1/5/03 - Seattle, WA @ the Vera Project (4th and Virginia) w/ Tear it Up, Desperate Measures, Diehard Youth, Far from breaking

1/6/02 Eugene, OR @ The Corral (2101 Bailey Hill Rd, Ste. G) w/ Desperate Measures, DY, FFB, The Physical Challenge Starts @ 7pm

1/7/02 San Jose, CA @ Luna Muffler Shop! (1623 S 10th St) w/ Desperate Measures, Diehard Youth, Far From Breaking & Allegiance

1/8/03 - Los Angeles, CA @ Headline records w/ Desperate Measures, far from Breaking & more ($3 donation show)

1/9/03 - Aneheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/ Over My Dead Body, In Control, Holding On, Diehard Youth, & Desperate Measures

1/10/03 - San Diego, CA @ Che Café w/ Over My Dead Body, Desperate Measures, Far from Breaking

1/11/03 - Corona, CA @ Showcase Theatre w/ Tear it Up, Desperate Measures, Annihilation Time, Impact, Knife Fight. Starts @ 2pm and will be over by 6pm (so you can catch the Terror/DT show).
01:47am 04/12/2002
  deny everything.  
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